Preview: Battlefield 3

Not sure if this guy could be any more badass.

The war between the Battlefield and Call of Duty series is well underway. This year, the DICE team over at EA is really putting the pressure on not just Call of Duty, but all other future FPS’s.

The DICE team has really started out swinging by really giving us a full in-depth look at the brand new Frostbite 2 engine. This new engine is bringing a whole new sense of real to the video game world including faster rendering, enhanced in game destruction, and better physics than ever before. This engine will also allow for gigantic maps, kick-ass destruction, and in your face firefights that is so unlike any other FPS before.

One major improvement Battlefield 3 is bringing to this game is blurred vision. Now, that may not sound all that great, but at second glance, this improvement can make this game the most realistically portrayed war game ever. This blurring of the vision occurs when you are being suppressed by an enemy team with a barrage of bullets. This, as the DICE team calls it, is where your player’s adrenaline is really pumping fast and with that comes blurred vision and obscured aim. When I played the ten minute demo at E3, I quickly noticed how this feature is shown off to its best abilities. Jumping right into a firefight isn’t going to be as easy as it was before, where you could just blindly strafe across a map and successfully fight the other team. This could easily make or break their beautiful game where on one hand, you have beautiful, realistic war; or on the other, a pain in the ass feature that just eventually becomes annoying. From what I played through though, they seemed to have already masterfully perfected this feature, as it wasn’t too overdone.

Another feature is being able to see your own feet! By god, this has made me the happiest man in the world. Since when are men in war unable to see their own damn feet? It’s just been a personal pet peeve of mine in past FPS games where you look down and it appears that your own legs have been blasted off! End of my rant.

Classes are now receiving the appropriate loadout.

DICE has also switched around a few of the classes of soldiers you can now be, appropriately giving each class their correct load out. For example, the support class now “supports” other classes by handing out ammo to teammates while carrying a machinegun.

Battlefield 3 will be hitting all your main consoles, Xbox360, PS3, and the PC on October 25th, 2011.

All in all, Battlefield 3 is turning out to be quite the game and more than likely, FPS of the year if not Game of the Year. Come back soon as we’ll have updated news and features on Battlefield 3 as soon as it’s released!


Should They Stay or Should They Go?

The border situation in the south is not only proving to be costly, but is obviously leading to quite a bit of controversy. However, ultimately locking down the border would end up leading to a much more difficult situation.

We'll take your business and your burritos good sir.

The border control issue has long been a political stance among most political contenders. People often say that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be here and are taking all of our jobs in this desperate economy that we live in today. Not only do they take the country’s jobs, but they’re also taking our health benefits and living off of welfare. The same people would also say that those jobs can easily be filled by people that are out of work since 9.2% of our labor force is unemployed. Clearly those of the 9.2% would be willing to take the jobs of the illegal immigrants, right? Wrong. Illegal immigrants are paid much less than minimum wage that citizens of this country are paid. If you were to notice, the price of fruit and vegetables are relatively low but they are also heavily subsidized by the government. If the government were to not subsidize these foods, the price would obviously skyrocket.

The government subsidizes a lot...

Now, if the workers were paid minimum wage because they were a citizen of this country the cost of the crops would dramatically increase because the workers in the fields would now make around $8 an hour instead of less than a dollar an hour as an illegal immigrant.

This is why I think we should introduce a new kind of work program to illegals that come here, but instead of letting them work here for free, they would get about a dollar an hour but the money would be taxed. That money taxed would prove to be a great revenue increase for all local, state, and national governments. According to CNN in 2004, an estimate was made of 7-20 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. By now, that number has obviously increased as less immigrants are deported than illegals that come here. Regardless, the revenue made from this new program would be substantial. The government would then be collecting tax dollars off of potentially 20 more million people. Agriculture employers would then be compelled to join this program for fear of getting in trouble with the government for hiring illegals to work for them.

This could settle not only the border issue, but could also settle tax debates because the government would now have an additional 20 million taxpayers. That would be almost a new support of taxpayers that would make up 1/15th of our current taxpayer base. The numbers would only be a boost to our current slumping economy; the more the better with this program.

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